Minimum Rental

Minimum rental is 2 days for cars and 1 day for motorbikes and ATV's.


Driver’s license / Minimum Driver's Age

  • For citizens coming from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China an international permit / driver’s license (type B), is obligatory and required.
  • For all other, non-EU citizens, the international permit is optional.
  • The minimum age for the driver, must be 21 years old and must have a valid driver’s license at least for 1 years.


  • Can i pay in Cash?

Yes you can! Credit card is not required to rent a car in Milos at Automotoadamas – you could pay in cash!

  • Can I pay with credit card?

Yes you can pay with any credit card except: American express & Diners Club.



Fuel is Paid by the customer. The fuel tank will be full or part-full when you pick your car up. Just replace the fuel you’ve used before you drop your car off and you’ll pay no fuel fees at all.

Traffic Fines Tickets

Traffic fines tickets, from any violations of the Greek traffic law during rental period are born solely by the renter. You can pay the fine directly to the traffic police of Milos or you can pay it to us in order to pay it in the traffic police.

In Case of Key Loss

In case key is lost, you will be charged according to the cost of the model of the car.

On the Returning of the Vehicle

On the returning of the vehicle to the office, it should be in excellent condition on the outside (not scratches, dents etc.) and inside (no rips in seats, carpets and spill of fluids to destroy them). Of course any dust issues, mud, dirt, etc. are not considered as a damage to the vehicle.

*We photograph your Rental Car on Pick-Up and Drop-Off to avoid misunderstandings.


Car Breakdown or Accident

In case of an accident / breakdown of the car you should immediately contact us to +30 6942 928088 or to +30 22870 23405. We will replace your car with another one of the same category as soon as possible.

*Western Island & Old Sulfur Mines: You can only visited with 4×4. With conventional cars (category: small and medium cars) you cannot visit the western part and the east part of the island (Old Sulfur Mines), because a vehicle with all-wheel drive is needed.

**Automotoadamas office doesn’t provide services ( in case break down or damage) in case of small  and medium cars category in the Western Island & Old Sulfur Mines. Please check the map here.


Drop off car earlier than expected

In case that you drop off the car earlier than you have agreed, you will be charged according the agreement. We are unable to give a refund if you return the car earlier.


Extend rental when you already have the car

If your plans change during your holidays in Milos, contact the Automotoadamas office  as soon as you know what you need. You may be able to keep your current car if it’s available. If not, you will be asked to drop your car back as originally planned, and pick up a different one.



Basic Insurance: In the price per day you pay for the car is included the basic insurance–third part–, which means that if someone else smites the car and it’s his fault, he will cover the damage. On the other hand, if you smite the car, or crash it, or scratch it at any way, you’ll have to cover the damage.

Extra insurance : Our office offers an extra insurance , a CDW . With that insurance you eliminate the cost you’ll have to pay in case something goes wrong.

Category A : By paying 7 euro plus per day , if anything happens , you’ll have to pay until 800 euro .If the cost of the damage is bigger, the insurance company will covers the rest amount

Category B : By paying 10 euro plus per day , if anything happens, you’ll have to pay until 600 euro .If the cost of the damage is bigger, the insurance company will covers the rest amount

Category C : By paying 15 euro plus per day , if anything happens, you’ll have to pay until 400 euro .If the cost of the damage is bigger, the insurance company will covers the rest amount

These insurance does not cover damages caused by breaches of traffic rules and damage to wheels , tires, mirrors, wipers, the bottom and the interior. If the vehicle has been damaged in any way, we must be promptly informed so that we can make the best possible service and repair or replace the vehicle according to the severity of the situation. The tenant is responsible for all damages, repair costs and lost rental time.

Our company is responsible for servicing the vehicles and replacing them
in case of collapse under the following conditions:

* The vehicle must be on a non-paved road. The lessee will be chargedfor all service and transportation costs if the red line is exceeded
* The vehicle will be replaced according to the availability
* The tenant is the only person who is authorized to drive the car at any time.The contract will be declared void and the lessee will be obliged to return the car immediately without requesting a refund, in this case.


CDW - Extra Insurance 7€/day

CDW –Excess amount: With +7€ / day the renter is not responsible for damage of the car beyond 800€  The above stand under the condition, that there was no violation of the Traffic Regulation. No insurance covers damages on the tires, damages on the under part the inside of the vehicle as well as theft of personal belongings.

  • Fire protection
  • Theft protection

Additional Drivers 7€/day per extra driver

Additional drivers  are charged with 7€/day per driver and are allowed, if the following criteria are met:

  • Meet all age requirements ( above 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license at least for 1 years.)
  • Appear at the Automotoadamas office with the primary renter
  • Present a valid driver’s license

Baby seat and booster seats

Baby seat and booster seats are totally FREE.


Driving Area Restrictions

  • West and East ( old Sulfur Mines ) parts of the island are only visited by 4×4.
  • Ferrying the car: it is only allowed by a written authorization of Automotoadamas Office. Vehicles must stay within the territory of Milos.
  • For trips to Kimolos island in a case of emergency you will be charged of extra costs.
  • During sea transport, company does not cover you for damages or loss of the vehicle.


*Automotoadamas office doesn’t provide services (in case of break down or damage) for small and medium cars categories in the Western Island & Old Sulfur Mines.

**Automotoadamas office doesn’t provide services in case ferrying the car or drive it out of the territory of Milos

*** Please check the map here.